95. Reminder on Blog Forum Etiquette

All: things have gotten strangely heated up lately, and before this blows up, a gentle reminder:

Please refer to these guidelines:

25 Forum Posting Etiquette Tips

Forum Posting Etiquette

A couple other reminders:

–I am approaching Japanese budo (martial Ways) from a particular point of view that may be interesting by way of contrast or similarities to other budo, or even other koryu systems, for that matter. As for non-Japanese or more modern systems, I have no expertise or experience, so let’s make that clear.

–If the word count of your total postings are more than my blog entries, then perhaps you need to have your own blog.

–Since this is a blog about classic budo training, if you want a forum to discuss how great MMA or other modern systems are, or the worn-out tired comparison between competitive versus kata training, I suggest you find another blog. It’s like the flame wars I see on some Macintosh sites, between Windows and Mac fans. It won’t change anybody’s mind if you constantly call people idiots who disagree with you. And people are on Mac sites because they like Macs, so don’t poke the denizens of that zoo needlessly. That’s like fellow high school kids I saw once who teased a gorilla in a zoo. They even made fun of him when he began to poke a pile of feces and look their way, obviously annoyed. The teenage boys thought he was an idiot, a dumb beast and kept calling him names. The laugh turned on them when the gorilla suddenly flung the feces right at his taunters, hitting them in the face and chest. On the way home from the excursion, other students made fun of the students for being dumber than a “dumb animal.”

–Feel free to disagree with me or anyone else, but note the posting etiquette tips. Calling someone names or belittling another person sight unseen is rude. Agree to disagree, point out your reasons, and see if your logic wins, not your own personal emotions. And if both sides can’t reach a conclusion, then just leave it and agree to disagree.

–Consider your actions: would your sensei approve, or your parents? By your actions and words, you represent your teacher and your school. Please act accordingly.


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