42. Totally Not-related to Budo Link

Hi folks. With the exception of Chuck Clark and other dog lovers, this new blog of mine may not pique your interest. Or then again, it might. I started a new blog about me and my dog here:


Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “42. Totally Not-related to Budo Link

  1. Not sure about it being totally unrelated. I have learned or had re-enforced a number of lesson about budo observingmy pets in action. Animals live in the moment, show total commitment and remain flexible to changing conditions far better than we do.

  2. Stu,

    Yep. I remember reading how Cesar Millan, the dog trainer, admitted to being heavily influenced by judo classes he took as a kid. He said you had to have the same “presence” trying to lead a dog as you have in budo. Calm, self-controlled and observant.


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