11. Web Dojo: Jiyushinkai

Image swiped from the Jiyushinkai web site.

…Just buzzing around the Internet today, avoiding final grading for the nonce, and I happened upon the Jiyushinkai (http://www.jiyushinkai.org/) web site. Chuck Clark, the main instructor, is a frequent poster here at the Classic Budoka and a longtime supporter of my writing efforts. So I thought I’d give him a shout out. It’s a nice site.

Jiyushinkai focuses on aikido and Shinto Muso-ryu jo, and has some very good connections to some great aikido teachers and Phil Relnick and Nishioka Tsuneo sensei of Shinto Muso-ryu.

Chuck has several dojo in various states, including Renshinkan in Arizona, Aishinkan and Shakokan in California, Ken Nin Dojo and West Coast Aikikai in Florida, Yobishin Dojo in Indiana, Gentle Wind Dojo in Louisiana, Shobu Aiki Dojo in Oklahoma, Portland Jiyushinkai Dojo in Oregon, Jita Kyoei and Kitae Dojo in Texas and Jiyushinkan in Washington.

I’ll be posting sites of other friends’ and acquaintances’ dojo web sites from time to time in no specific order, rhyme or reason.

9 thoughts on “11. Web Dojo: Jiyushinkai

  1. I was surprised to see this photo of Aaron and Carl Bilodeau here. Welcome everyone who’s interested in visiting our Jiyushinkai site and the Jiyushinkan home site.

  2. The Jiyushinkai are good folks with solid budo. I hope to play with them again soon.

    Clark is one of 10 budo men in the world that I have met that really really get how to move someone around the mat.

    Your blog looks interesting. I look forward to catching up on it.

    1. Thanks, hope you enjoy it. Right now I haven’t blogged much due to a lot of work, but I’ll get to it again soon…I hope!!!!

  3. I have just found your blog and gone back and read every single one of your entries. I really hope you keep writing. The contents of your blog are subjects not touched upon nearly enough.

    Also thanks for posting the link to this school. The Arizona location is right near my old apt. in the states. When I get back I`m going to look into joining this dojo. (currently living in Japan)

    1. William, No, but it’s close to giving up its ghost. I got busy at work for quite a while, and then when I revisited this site (tonight) I found a shitload of crappy ads, and I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of them. Dang. I knew there was a catch to “free.”

  4. What’s up with this “work” interfering with budo activities? Isn’t that against the rules!

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